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Military Justice Improvement Act

shutterstock 177220931-605x390And yet, unacceptably, bipartisan legislation to transfer prosecution of sexual assaults to independent trained military prosecutors has been stopped.

But we can’t be stopped – today I’m joining with my colleagues in the Senate to demand a full floor vote on the Military Justice Improvement Act. I need you to join us in sending the message.

Click here to demand the Senate vote on the Military Justice Improvement Act. We need to send the message that our men and women in uniform deserve justice.

The assaults themselves are appalling, but worse is when victims are re-victimized by a system that fails them. Too many victims cases are swept under the rug, allowing predators to repeat their crimes.

It’s created a broken culture that can’t be allowed to continue. Time and again, victims are failed.

That’s why we’ve come together behind this call: Our servicemen and women deserve a vote and a system of justice that is equal to their sacrifices.

Demand the Senate move forward on the Military Justice Improvement Act: Our brave men and women in uniform deserve a vote. Victims deserve justice.

Thank you for standing with our military families.